Wednesday 25 March 2015

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara

revlon bold lacquer mascara review

I admit that sometimes I'll throw money at a problem in the hopes that it will go away. Put enough money in and you're bound to find a solution. So for the longest time, I didn't believe that any drugstore mascara would give me my desired length and volume, and shelled out the $$$ for higher end options (which haven't always worked either). 

revlon bold lacquer mascara review

But that was until I met Revlon's Bold Lacquer Mascara. This mascara far exceeded my expectations (though for a drugstore options, my expectations were practically sub-terrestrial. How many times now have I used the euphemistic 'natural lashes' to describe results from aisle-bought lash enhancers?)

revlon bold lacquer mascara review

This formula lengthens and volumizes my lashes. Though the result is completely in line with my lash covering desires, the product isn't without it's quirks.

revlon bold lacquer mascara review

Firstly, it dries out a bit faster than most other mascara's I've tried.
Secondly, you need to super coat the wand in order for it to really give length and volume. I twizzle the wand against the side of the tube a few times before I bring it out. This also means you get a large glob of mascara on the end of the wand which will need cleaning off before application.
Thirdly, it does take a few coats.

revlon bold lacquer mascara review

Quirks aside, I've been pleasantly please...nay quite pleasantly pleased by Mr Bold Lacquer here. It reminded me that there are drugstore mascaras that work. I'm not one to spin the roulette wheel too often so I'll probably just stick to repurchasing this one for now (that is...once I finish up the rest of the mascara hoard in my stash, some of which are also drugstore options).

Have you been pleasantly surprised by a mascara before? Any drugstore mascara favorites (extra points if you have short straight lashes like me)?

Daily Zen: If you haven't heard yet, California is experience its 4th your of drought and is expected to run out of surface water within a year. For a state that grows an exceptionally large percentage of USA's food (and exports food across the world), that has got me more than concerned. If you've been noticing an increase in food prices lately, this has been a major contributor. Climate change...increasingly more 'real'.

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