Friday 20 March 2015

In the Moment #28: Vichy and #VichyWorksforME

Honestly, I should have taken a picture of the meatballs.

Vichy launched a new campaign and has reorganized how it will targets their audience in the digital age. They're emphasizing their online presence and are streamlining their product concepts into the #VichyWorksforMe compaign which has a nifty website and showcases 5 women across Canada whose skin stories will match with most common concerns (hola, here's Kaoru from Vancouver). 

When Maggie and I weren't stuffing our faces...

...we were getting our skin analyzed...

Andy from A Certain Romance
...and matched to the products that would work best for us.

But really...I'm just here for the food (not really).

Orea Beignets. Little deep fried balls of dough and a creamy oreo center. I think I ate three.

Andy and Maggie 

Jean Daniel Labbe and Anik Kerr-Denis shared thet 5 stories and I really liked the video for Abeille who's hectic late night DJ lifestyle meant her skin needed some real TLC to tackle her lack of sleep.  (Uh...can I be that rockin' when I'm 30?) Honestly as someone who is approaching my tri-decade of life, I understand. Not that I lack sleep, since as we have already established I am a grandma and sleep at 10, but you know...the feels fatigued.

My main (asian) skin concerns tends to be about brightness so the Pro-Even line (actually Kaoru's product series) was chosen for me. We also got the Idealia Skin Sleep which is an overnight sleep mask (which Abeille swears by), the Eau Thermale and the new repackaged Purete Thermale 2in1 cleanser. I also received the Masque Tri-Active to help battle stubborn under the skin clogged pores.

All the things!! I'm pretty excited about the Idealia Skin Sleep, they likened it to Korean sleeping pacts and I'm hoping the Tri-Activ mask will help me really clean out my clogs.

So which skin story are you?

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