Thursday 26 March 2015

Lessons from Aunties and 'Too Matchy Matchy' Lips and Nails

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estee lauder pink dragon

As an Asian, I'm overflowing with Aunts-that-Aren't-Aunts along with Aunts-that-Are-Aunts. See an asian women. Oh, she's your mom's friend? Congrats, you've just accumulated another 'Aunt'. There's an upside to having this massive stockpile of aunts. Depending on how bold or outspoken they are, sometimes you can learn a few things from them.

estee lauder pink dragon

Aunts have taught me to make plasticine sculptures, have lent me sewing machines, have offered their offspring's dresses during outfit crises and have fed me till I've been full up. They've also scolding me, told my mom about something I did, who then scolded me, and told me I couldn't play until I finished dinner. Aunts are double-edged swords. Give them an inch and they'll act like they own you. I'm sorry, my mom owns me. As proof, here's the invisible filial piety document I somehow signed at birth.

estee lauder pink dragon

There are a few lesson's I've taken to heart from this coven of wise women.  I think my (legit) Aunt put it nicely when she voiced concerns about being "too matchy matchy". Granted she was talking about someone's outfit choice. Her words come back to me whenever I think about pairing lip and nail colours which is why I mostly ignored such efforts (and the NARS lip and nail vault).

Its been more than a decade since I've thought that head-to-toe solid colors was a good idea (apparently some people still don't learn that lesson well into their 20s...).  But I realized that I owned Estee Lauder's Pink Dragon Shade in the Lip Shine and the nail polish* so for experimentation sake I tried out matching my lips and nails.

estee lauder pink dragon

I really like the feminine pink of Pink Dragon. When paired with the nails, the effect is a pleasant one and an easy attempt at looking put together. The 'matchy-matchy' side won a few points.

On the lips, the color is just feminine enough to be interesting, but not girly enough to make you seem like Barbie. However the same color on my nails gives me a slight "Barbie" feel which doesn't quite gel with my aesthetic. I think though this nail color would work well with a very basic bitch neutral color outfit. Maybe breton stripes if you're feeling a touch preppy.

estee lauder pink dragon

Apparently liking a color on the lips doesn't always mean you'll like it on your nails. I tend to prefer darker nails which makes matching with lips problematic. Dark green lips aren't quite office appropriate. After initial experimenation I can get on board with being slightly matchy-matchy, regardless of what my Aunts says, but maybe some more skin-deep thought into the exact color would be helpful.

What do you think about matching lips with nails? Any good aunt stories?

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