Saturday 7 March 2015

The Ones That Get Away

tarte pin up girl swatch

Gather 'round children, as I tell you a story of woeful regret. Sometimes these regrets stem from purchased items but to alleviate the anguish from Bad Ideas, those can always be returned, sold or given away to a happy friend who will volunteer as tribute. Arguably worse than the regret of poor purchasing decisions is the heart mashing anguish of letting a choice product slip under your radar.

tarte pin up girl swatch

I've experienced this almost physical pain a few times: with the Guerlain Turandot shadow palette (which I still get heart stabby chest aches from when someone uses it), with MAC's Modern Mandarin (which is thankfully now permanent) and with a few of the Armani LE Eyes to Kill monos (which, for one LE color I paid a ridiculous amount to procure). Nothing quite feels like heartache as those that get away. And that was how, kids, I found myself in possession of Tarte's Pin Up Girl Palette.

tarte pin up girl swatch

After borrowing Tarte's Off the Cuff Palette from Vanessa, I saw that I had let yet another awesome product go by. Every day I used it, I got that "damn it!" feeling of a missed chance and I began scouring Makeup Alley to see if anyone would part with theirs. But alas, it was not meant to be and as I cried myself to sleep at night I was offered some relief with last year's Tarte cheek palette release. With resolve and a heart stapled back together, I decided I wouldn't let this pass.

I have to admit that it's not everything I dreamed of. I still have fond memories of  moonlit walks with the first palette and the second almost pales in comparison. The problem of being compared is that something can never live up to the perfected image in your head (and it's not even like the colors are all that different...) Poor Pin Up Girl, it might always be regulated to second best child but at least this quintet of cheek colors has really good quality. It just goes to show that sometimes you can't make up for a missed opportunity.

Which product have you regretted not purchasing? 

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