Tuesday 31 March 2015

7 Day No Wash Challenge ft Klorane

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7 day no wash klorane dry shampoo review

The wonderful Klorane lady (aka Celebrity hairstylist Caroline Bufalini)  told me that she hadn't washed her hair for 7 days and only used Klorane dry shampoo.  7 DAYS! Caroline's hair looked and felt clean  but I was still very skeptical. So I OBVIOUSLY HAD TO TEST HER CLAIM.... All the photos are with my 7 day hair.

7 day no wash klorane dry shampoo review

Klorane Dry Shampoo* is supposed to clean hair without leaving a residue, volumize and give hair texture with each use. I properly washed my hair Sunday morning and applied Klorane on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Days 1-3 were okay. My hair seemed clean and it didn't look bad. It had some volume but my co-worker commented that it looked a little messy near day 3.

On Day 4, I felt there was a smell emanating from my head but my colleague didn't smell anything. My hair looked clean but it started to not feel that clean.

Day 5 and 6 were especially tough since I was nearing the end BUT I ENDURED! I felt like there was a lot of build up in my hair and when I scratched it...there would be flecks under my nails (gross I know...) My hair was also SET into place LOL. No matter how I moved it, it didn't really move back.

7 day no wash klorane dry shampoo review

Thought the week, I went to the gym 3 times which probably contributed more sweat and grease than if I hadn't gone to the gym. By the end of 7 days, I REALLY (really really) wanted to wash my hair. 

 I went out with Jen and Vanessa on Saturday (Day 7) and asked their opinions. Jen willingly (sort of) gave an inspection. 

7 day no wash klorane dry shampoo review

After 7 days of not washing my hair, I felt like the world could smell me coming but Jen didn't notice any odours (so brave...look how she went right in there LOL).

7 day no wash klorane dry shampoo review

She also couldn't tell that my hair hadn't been washed properly for a week. Vanessa noticed that my hair look kinda flat but she wouldn't have guessed it was 7 day hair, maybe 3. I personally thought it looked a bit shiny.

7 day no wash klorane dry shampoo review

By Day 5 and 6, I was literally daydreaming about what shampoo I would use when I could wash my hair (I ended up using Lush's Lullaby). Frankly I will never leave my hair unwashed for 7 days AGAIN but if I did, I wouldn't mind use Klorane to clean it. For all intents and purposes, no one could tell and no one really thought my hair looked that bad at all. 

Reasons to go 7 days without properly washing your hair
- camping
- overzealous concern for the environment
- zombie apocalypse

How long have you gone without washing your hair?

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