Tuesday 3 March 2015

In the Moment #24: Graydon Clinical Luxury

Its always a nice treat to speak to the creators of brands. If they aren't the experts on the products, their developement and the results, who else would be? Blush Pretty invited bloggers to meet Graydon and her eponymous natural skincare brand last week and we all go the opportunity to see down and have a chat with her.

Developed in concert with a chemist, Graydon has created a range of skincare, body care and antimicrobial sprays that are natural and 'food for the skin'. 

I inquired specifically about her SPF products which I know are the most difficult to produce because of strict Canadian drug and safety laws regarding chemicals and labelling. Natural brand that can publicly state their SPF values on their products  are few. She described the long drawn out process of creating her SPF30 Glow and Sun Creams.

Graydon uses her personal experiences to create items in her line. Her previous careers as a yoga teacher helped developed her anti-microbial mists which are good for spritzing not only your yoga matt down, but your hands and everything else. I picked up The Mist ($15CDN) because it smelled so good and was so functional. Her experiences as a frustrated mom who disliked buying different products for her and for her sun helped her create a skincare line that is good for you and good for everyone from babies to adults.

Graydon was an interesting person to meet. I always enjoy hearing how people get to where they are and how they created their career paths. It's even better when the topic deals with skincare and beauty. I appreciate how, along with her own research, she uses a chemist to formulate her products. From the event, we all received a mini sample pack of some of her line and, as mentioned, I bought The Mist.

Have you heard of Graydon?

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