Sunday 22 March 2015

Quinoa Egg Bake

In an attempt to mix up my breakfasts and to use up the stuff in my pantry, I looked up filling and relatively nutritious breakfast options. I used to eat granola with milk then transitioned to oatmeal but I've been needing a little more protein lately and this Quinoa Egg Bake  adapted from this recipe made for a couple of meals.

Didn't have spinach so used spring mix. 
Didn't have almond milk so mixed up some miso with water and coconut milk. 
Didn't have romano or parmesan but used cheddar instead. 

The recipe calls to mix all the ingredients (quinoa, eggs, greens, flavouring) before pouring it into a greased pan. Shaking the pan is supposed to evenly settle the quinoa to the bottom. Since my dish wasn't quite the recommended size there ended up being less quinoa to properly cover the bottom. That, along with overzealous greasing of the dish made the bottom a bit too crispy and I didn't get the nice quinoa layer I was hoping for.

Not a bad recipe. I could have used with some more quinoa and maybe some salt which I forgot.

Eggs in the morning? Yay or Nay?

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