Monday 9 March 2015

Lush Solid Shampoos - Copperhead and Lullaby*

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lush lullaby copperhead solid shampoo review

David and I took a vacation down the Westcoast one summer via train. The train ride was awesome and everyone should take that route if they can. In Portland, Oregon we stayed with his friends and in an effort to pack light, I had brought a near used up LUSH Seanik Solid shampoo bar. 

lush lullaby copperhead solid shampoo review

It looked a bit weird sitting in Jack and Amanda's shower caddy. Near finished, it was a thin sliver of its form self and after another hair washing, parts had crumbled off leaving a slight blue mess in my host's tub. I told David to warn Jack about it.

David to Jack: So in the shower, if you see this blue...
Jack (in a slightly shocked tone): Yea I have NO idea what that shit is..
David: that's Jenn's shampoo
Jack: Oh...that's weird.

Apparently he had though his shower had somehow sprouted mold over night. A explanation quickly cleared up fears of Jack's lack of bathroom cleanliness and I did my best to wash away traces of blue after my showers.

I'm not unfamiliar with the LUSH solid shampoos. I've tried Seanik and NEW!. One bar lasts a good 2-3 months and its a novel idea that I got back to every now and then. From LUSH's new shampoo bar releases, I got to try out Lullaby* ($9.95) and Copperhead* ($11.95).

lush copperhead solid shampoo review

Copperhead* ($11.95, 55g) gently cleanses with coffee grounds and cocoa butter. It is infused with Persian red henna leaves which adds shine to darker hair without depositing color. Fair Trade vanilla absolute and vetiver oils give a rich deep scent.

lush lullaby solid shampoo review

Lullaby* ($9.95, 55g) offers a comfortable blend of chamomile, ground almonds, oat milk soothing lavender and tonka. Formulated with children in mind this is supposed to be good for 'sensitive noggins'.

These performed on par with past experiences. They sud up well and I get a good lather. Copperhead gives a too squeaky clean that needs to be followed up with conditioner. I haven't noticed any additional shine to be honest but I like the idea behind this bar. Lullaby definitely has a nice scent but it doesn't last. It's less stripping than Copperhead but I'd still condition. As an aromatherapy option, a more long lasting scent would have been welcome.

Just a tip about the Round Shampoo Tins ($3.95). There used to be a deal in stores where buying two bars gets you one free tin. Not sure if that's still around. The actual tip is: the round tin seems like a good idea for the shampoo bars, and they are. But an even better choice is the body butter tins. When your bars are soapy, its hard to get them out of the round tins and the square butter tins makes pick up the bar much easier.

Have you used a solid shampoo before?

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