Friday 27 March 2015

Because You Go to the Gym

All of life's activities seem to have their own accompanying barrage of necessary stuff . Going to the gym means having a few specific items just to make the experience livable. Here are some of my gym necessities.

On the hygiene side of things, a good shower, but on top of that, deodorant and makeup removal wipes are a must. Exercising after work means quick makeup removal is needed. I'd rather 'look good' because I can lift those weights than because my eye makeup was on point that day. Deodorant, of course, is self explanatory.

As previously mentioned, my gym schedule sometimes means hair washing isn't always every 24hrs and dry shampoo has made me presentable at work on Mondays. 

I don't like bringing a lot of things but a water bottle is mandatory and so is my gym key pass which lets me in 24/7. I've been in the gym at 11pm and I've also been in the gym at 6am; the flexibility has been great!

Increasing cardio lately, in an attempt to train for a 10K, my phone and Songza  have been my audio fuel of choice. A hair tie or hair clips avoids having to continuously tuck my hair behind my ears only to have it fall back down again. 

And finally, the shoes. I've bought more technical sports wear lately but for the longest time I was wearing the same ratty basketball shorts, cotton t-shirts and old high school runners. It wasn't until a few years ago that the wonders of dri-fit technology really hit me. 

Signing up for the 10K gave me a reason to upgrade my footwear and I chose these highlighter pink Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes. These fit the bill for someone who needs a Neutral running shoe. Though they have a more foot-to-pavement feel than some other neutral shoes, they are still a long way off from barefoot running.. I'm contemplating buying a pair of training shoes as well for days when I'm not focusing on cardio but that seems almost too self indulgent right.

Tell me about your gym routines/stories. What do you listen to while you're there? What type of shoes do you use?

Daily Zen:  Speaking of exercising, I tend to think sitting on my butt the whole day at work is probably a slow slide into obesity (that and my snack drawer), but office worker's don't have it as bad as long-haul truck drivers. 

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