Monday 2 March 2015

Verbal Vomit and Rimmel Provocalips*

*Press Sample

rimmel provocalips i'lll call you swatch review
I can generally hold my own in public but as an introverted person (actually, an ISTJ), standing on the sides lines is more comfortable than exerting myself in the middle of any dance floor. But if my lips are willing to provoke attention in advance of it spouting profound commentary, I'm all for that.

One memorable moment of spontaneous provocation was during a Rhineland cruise, when I spoke the word "vagina" a little too loudly and my entire family busted out laughing from shock. The hilarity can only be surpassed by the side splitting laughter at a spontaneously quieted family dinner when an acquaintance said about her period, "my vagina is on fire right now" I wasn't there but I bet that moment was spectacular. We all have our off days.

Regardless of what verbal vomit comes out of your mouth, something can be said about the lips that part to allow for such...enlightened statements. And bold lip colors make you that mysteriously sexy girl who also happens to have some important things to say. Even if you flub up in public now and again, with Rimmel Provocalips* ($8.99 CDN, 4ml of color, 3ml of lock and shine formula) at least your lips look good while you do.

rimmel provocalips i'lll call you swatch review

Offering kiss, transfer, and food-proof color, this non-drying, lightweight formula is supposed to be ultra comfortable. Adapting to the movement of your lips without any tightness, the two step lip color lasts for 16 hrs. I wore this on a 14 hour day and didn't touch up the color once even after all three meals. At the end of the day, color was still well present though a few small bits had flaked off, especially in my lip grooves. My lips were not dry and these passed both kiss tests. Step two gives a soft gloss finish and it's best to apply it after waiting for the Step One color to try completely.

rimmel provocalips pucker up swatch review

rimmel provocalips i'lll call you swatch review

rimmel provocalips swatch review little minx

In general these performed really well! The color is bold, the finish is soft and the texture is comfortable. Pucker Up was unexpectedly shimmery but the others were a solid color. It even lives up to its long wearing claims. So while  you're contemplating your next debate or earth shattering revelation, these will keep your lips presentable for any verbal battle in the meantime.

Have you tried these two step long wearing lip products before? What are your favorite?

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