Sunday 1 March 2015

In the Moment #23 : Dial and Got2B

Dial and Got2B 2015 launches

As always, being Julie's  shadow has it's perks and I was able to see the new items coming out from Dial and Got2B last week. 

Dial and Got2B 2015 launches

Dial and Got2B 2015 launches

Dial and Got2B 2015 launches

Dial launched a couple of new lines of body washes and some new men's products, while Got2B featured some cool new hair products.

Got2B 'sMind Blowing line showcases a fast drying, blowout-from-home trio of styling products. I don't give hair things much attention but these actually got me pretty interested especially since  stylists were on hand to spruce up our hair. The Xpress Dry Styling Spray, Quick Shape Mousse and Fast Dry Hairspray seemed like easy at home products that could make my bob more 'bobby' and voluminous.

They also launched the All Star 10 in 1 Styling Treatment which promises to be a catch-all for hair concerns. Its supposed to give shine, fullness, strength, thickness, smoothness, suppleness, protection, anti-frizz, anti-humidity and shape.

For men, there's the PhenoMENal Bodyfying Cream Gel and PhenoMENal Moulding Paste. For guys who worry about thinning hair, the cream gel gives about 10% more thickness to hair with a natural shine. Both products give a natural shine finish. No crunchy gel-shined hair, just a natural hair look.

We were given the chance to get our hair 'did' to test out the new products. The amount of lift the Mind Blowing line gave was definitely worth mentioning and I'm looking forward to testing these out more thoroughly.

Have you used these brands before?

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