Sunday 29 March 2015

Nexxus Caviar Complex Therappe and Humectress*

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Nexus Caviar Complex Therappe and Humectress shampoo conditioner review

Scent is linked to memories and I will forever link some people to the scents they wear.  Aside from nostalgia inductions though, scents aren't so important to me.  Its a plus to have a nice smelling, whatever, and the scent usually gets some initial thumbs-up/thumbs-down reaction, but generally scent isn't a real priority. But let me tell you something, Nexxus Rebalancing Therappe Shampoo and Restoring Humectress Conditioner*...smell. great.

Nexus Caviar Complex Therappe and Humectress shampoo conditioner review

The scent of a shampoo shouldn't be it's main selling point but this duo has gotten pina colada and tropical fruit perfected. Crushed pineapples and coconuts, and melons come pouring out of the bottles which was entirely unexpected. For the clinical and chic white bottles, I had expected something less exciting. Anyways, that's an aside.

Therappe and Humectress contain Nexxus' caviar complex and is a moisturizing hair washing duo. Its supposed to give strength and flexibility. Most moisturizing shampoo/conditioner combos weigh heavily on my hair. If your hair is dry/damanged then they give the needed moisture but for everyday hair, its overkill. On my currently, regular hair, these worked well, which makes me wonder if they're nourishing enough for winter damage hair. These don't give quite the squeaky clean that I like, which seems to be another typical aspect of moisturizing products.  

The scent and the fact that it isn't heavy on my hair makes this work but this also means the products don't quite live up to damaged hair needs and at $14+ for each...even the amazing scent might not make these worth your time.

What kind of shampoos do you buy?

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