Tuesday 24 March 2015

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer*

*Press sample

estee lauder little black primer mascara review

Estee Lauder is launching the Little Black Primer ($27CDN, 6ml). Promising to tint, amplify and set, this primer can be used before mascara to help set and amplify or after mascara application as a water-resistant topcoat.

estee lauder little black primer mascara review

The tiny brush prefect fits into the root of my lashes and the curved shape works quite well for my bottom lashes. 

estee lauder little black primer mascara review

The tint is subtle and the mascara glides on extremely well. For someone who loses their lashes quite frequently, the formula seems to give a protective coating to each lash while maintaining the lash's flexibility. 

estee lauder little black primer mascara review

On it's own, it might stand up to being a 'weekend mascara' but for those who need more oomph, you may only want to use this as a base, though the protective and conditioning quality on this is quite nice just by itself.

estee lauder little black primer mascara review

While this works well as a tint and to help set, it didn't really amplify my mascara that much. I tested it with two different mascaras and there was very minimal increase to length and volume. The Lancome Cils Booster XL does a much better job at amplifying but it doesn't seem to have the same feel. Firstly, Cils Booster applies white (though it fades to clear). Secondly, the formula is more liquid and I don't get the same 'protected' feeling as I do with Lauder's.

I think this does decreased smudging. TBH mascara does not smudge on me that often but there are days when it does and every time I use this primer, it does not. So take that with a grain of salt.

All in all, this primer is good for those who want their lashes protected and to help set their mascara. It a nice-to-have first step and the water-resistent topcoat effect is an additional bonus for those who don't buy waterproof mascaras (which I tend to do). But if you're looking for something that is meant to truly amplify, you may want to check out Lancome's instead.

Do you use mascara primers?

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