Friday 13 March 2015

Real Techniques Duofiber Brush Collection*

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Real Techniques Duofiber Brush Collection review

When the Real Techniques Duofiber Brush Collection ($30CDN) came out in limited edition, my eyes immediately zoned in but since I don't often care enough about chasing down LE items, I let it pass. Now its out permanently! Sometimes I get excited about a new release and want the item even before I know what to do with it. This was exactly the case with this brush set.

Real Techniques Duofiber Brush Collection review

Ooooh duo fiber! (Ooo new shiny), that FOMO attitude instantly made me covet this and when I received it at the Chapman Sisters meet up, I was very excited. Now that I've gotten them...I have to admit that each brush doesn't fully fit into my collection. 

Real Techniques Duofiber Brush Collection review

The set includes a face brush, a contour brush and an eyebrush. These are true duo fiber brushes with interspersed short and long bristles which means that the tops of the brushes are less dense than the bottom. Sometimes a brand will say a brush is duo fiber but the bristles are all the same length because maybe the bristles are made of different thing or are colored differently.

Real Techniques Duofiber Brush Collection review

I've gotten the least use out of the eyebrush so far. It's too sparse to use as just an all over eyeshadow brush and has been labeled as a 'finisher'. If it's supposed to help blend, I didn't find it did anything really noteworthy. Mostly it sits in my brush glass unused.

I've used the contour brush as a blush brush for my too pigmented blushes. It works great that way. It also picks up NYX's powder in Taupe well which I use to contour. I thought the effect would be too subtle considering the density of the brush, but the shade was visible and the brush head was a great contouring shape. It's size fits in under the cheekbone well.

The face brush I've used with setting and finishing powders but keep in mind it only gives you a light dusting. I go in first with Ben Nye's Neutral Set then Guerlain's Meteorites Compact. I have to go over my face multiple times though to make sure enough powder is on. This might be good for those too cool or too bright all over facepowders or those that are too white.

In general these would be good if you have items you need to apply sparingly. There are a few occasions when I do that need ability so these work then but I don't really see the entire set as a necessity, especially for the price. I would probably just get the face or contour brush if they ever come in separates.

When do you use duo fiber brushes? 

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