Saturday 14 March 2015

In the Moment #26: Sanuk

Sanuk's Fall/Winter 2015 lineup
I've never heard of Sanuk. Their entire philosophy is to create comfortable shoes for people who are "never uncomfortable" and to bring the "funk into functional". They are most well known for their Yoga Mat Sandals and their Sidewalk Surfers. The style is casual, in general very Cali-beach/boardwalk but they're some other more urban styles as well in their Kat Collection, the yoga ballet or loafers.

Sanuk's Spring/Summer 2015
Sanuk Spring/Summer 2015
Most wow-ed facts:
- The yoga mat soles on the Yoga Mat Sandals (and other shoes). They seem seriously comfortable.
- The brand sponsors surfers, rock climbers and other such athletes.

See any shoes you'd like?


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