Tuesday 17 March 2015

In the Moment #27: On French Tossled Hair and Klorane

Photo Credit: Taha N. Muharuma 
We learned about the Klorane line of products at this event but what I really learned was a deep appreciation for the French. Celebrity hairstylist Caroline Bufalini took a break from her Paris Fashion Week gig to showcase the products and because of this I have finally interacted with a real French person who works in fashion and seriously, I was a little in awe after.

Caroline Bufalini working on my hair
Photo Credit: Taha N. Muharuma 
The lighting was pretty dim and my camera skills weren't top notch so the photos from this post (except 1) were done by Taha (who helpfully gave me a mini lesson on photography). Photos aside, let me paint a picture of what Caroline taught me.

Photo Credit: Taha N. Muharuma 
One selling point for Klorane is its light non-pervasive scent. Caroline pointed out that French people don't want products to be overly scented. It competes with perfume, which is what a woman should be remembered by, not a wafting cloud of hair and skin products (Ahem Colab). She acted out how she applies her perfume, by spritzing it in the air and dipping her shoulders and chest into the scent cloud to illustrate her point. I felt like we had a moment.

The Klorane Dry Shampoo gives multi-day textured clean hair. The French get easy who-knows-what sex kitten hair from using a good dry shampoo if they aren't going to wash it. Caroline's 7 day non-washed hair (!) was completely clean and still had a lot of style. She encouraged me to feel her hair which though thin looked voluminous (moment number 2).

In fact Klorane is the dry shampoo used during Fashion Week. There's no running water backstage but Klorane Dry Shampoo is powerful enough to clean model's hair between runway stylings from different shows. The shampoo contains oatmilk, goes on clear, and brushes out easily and it now comes in a color format for brunette hair.

Photo Credit: Taha N. Muharuma 
This one was my own. can you tell the quality difference ?! lol
There were a lot of other Klorane items showcased such as their Desert Date line for dry damaged hair.

Most wow-ed facts:
- Klorane is powerful enough to clean model's hair between styles from different run way shows. 
- The formula works so well, its the exact same one since it first launched.
- Your hair gets better, more voluminous and textured, as you use it through the week. Caroline actually uses it 7 days straight and her hair looked amazing and clean.

I'm actually considering a 7 day Klorane hair challenge. Carolineo convinced me that 7 day dry shampooed bed tousled hair could still look and feel great.

Would you do a 7 day no wash challenge? What's a good dry shampoo?


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