Sunday 15 March 2015

On Dry Shampoo*

*Press Sample

In highschool, I though dreadlocks were badass. Those twisted up, knotted, thick strands of hair told me, you were a rebel, you fought against the institution and you didn't give a damn what other people thought. Now, when I think of dreadlocks I cringe at what a tangled, oily, mess it could be and when people tell me that they don't wash their hair everyday, my eyes go like 0_o.

The oily feeling my hair gets after one day of non-washing makes it feel gross and weight down, but I've learned not to judge other people's lack of hygiene hair washing preferences. I still haven't figured out if infrequent washing is actually 'better' for your hair, though I will say its 'better' for your time. I still prefer to wash my hair everyday but my gym schedule actually makes Mondays an accidental no-wash day

Early Sunday mornings gym sessions and full showers after means that my Monday morning hair needs a refresh before I go to work. By then, my hair has accumulated just enough oil to look a little flat and matted. I never thought I'd be a dry shampoo user even though I had kept a Batiste Dry Shampoo around for ages just in case. But now I have a regularly scheduled date with this powdery white spray and it has actually started running low.

Often getting press samples are a little serendipitous. Items seem to arrive at just the right time and these Sheer Invisible Colab Dry Shampoos hit my mailbox right when I realized my Batiste needed replacing. Developed by Ruth Crilly from the Youtube Channel "A Model Recommends", the line is supposed to combine fragrance and functionality. 

The Colab dry shampoos are indeed as invisible as advertised while Batiste can give a powdery grey finish if I use a lot. Half the lure of the Colab version seems to be the scents. Rio is fruity with papaya, pineapple and heart of cassis, while London is deeper with bergamot, musk and magnolia. I prefer London but neither scents last more than 3 hours and scent is not a major selling point for me when it comes to hair care. 

While portable, where the Colab shampoos fall flat (pun intended) is their lack of volumization. They soak up some of my oil but not as strongly as Baptiste and after brushing, my hair is still flat looking. Even though they don't leave anything on my hair, I prefer the results from Baptiste more. It absorbs oil better and gives my hair a bit of a fresh bounce.

Have you tried the Colab Dry Shampoos? Do you follow Ruth Crilly?


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