Sunday 8 March 2015

Mind Worms: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

I know you know what a mind worm is. Maybe you saw something on Temptalia, maybe it was on a favorite blogs, maybe it was in a magazine. The source doesn't matter, the brain crevice embedding effect is still the same.

First it creeps up on you. Second, you start wondering if you need it. Third, you decide you don't but every other day or so you might be looking at online swatches again. Slowly it's all you can think about. Your heart pounds as you try to make the " buy or not  buy" decision.  3AM in the morning, you jerk wide awake and start googling reviews. JUST. ONE. MORE. REVIEW...ZZZZZ.

That product, that your consciousness has got a death grip on, has become a mind worm.

The item has burrowed itself inside each sulcus of your brain. The decision over purchasing has suddenly surpassed all other basic life necessities. You break out in cold sweats over the possibility of it selling out while not being entirely convinced you even need it. There is no relief! If you honestly haven't been there, please teach me your jedi mind tricks.

This was how I ended up with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Whenever I complemented Jen on her makeup, it was because she had used it and I`ve complemented her enough times to start wondering if I needed this too. I began the usual cycle of review reading, pretty soon I was revisiting the same blogs repeatedly and over the Sephora 20% sale last Xmas, my psyche couldn't `handle the fatigue any more and gave in.

The bloody lark of this whole thing, is that I don`t even love this palette that much. I keep using the same combinations and though it`s a great neutral+ palette, with nice color options, there isn`t enough variety to really please me. All that energy wasted! All those precious sleep hours I could have used to prevent fine lines. All that extra bagginess around my eyes...

*Sigh* This is one of those situations when I have to laugh at myself and my beauty habits. I do like the looks I get but the formula is a little powdery. I might try and diversify the colors I use but if I`m not drawing on this heavily in the next few months, it might end up in the blog sale, chocolate-smelling powder or not.

Tell me about a makeup mind worm experience.


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