Monday 20 April 2015

Quickly on Two Fuller Coverage Foundations

I've been sitting on these two foundation post photos FOREVER. In an attempt to clear off my desktop space (these photos weren't even taken in the same year) here are some quick reviews for two fuller coverage foundations that I quite like. 

It's not often that I need full cover. Mostly I use them if the porcelined, perfected and smoothed look is what I'm going for. The Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 and the Revlon Color Stay Whipped suit that purpose but in both cases I still haven't found the best color match.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1

This gives medium coverage right away and the SPF 20 is great. The most noteworthy aspect is that it sits so well and it doesn't make me oily. 932 Nude Beige is a bit too pink but adding in some ratio of 945 Warm Beige (probably one of the more yellow colors) makes it sort of work. 945 is too dark and orange on its own, even if I were summer tanned. Having to mix them is annoying.

I don't need to set this but adding a little setting powder will prolong the wear. Sometimes I will need to blot after lunch but otherwise, it wears quite well. The shades oxidize a little, not an orange oxidation but just slightly darker, so you may want to reach for a shade lower than you think you'd need. 

Revlon Colorstay Whipped

This is definitely a thicker cream than Covergirl. It has lasted through long humid summer days really well and in some strange way it looks better as the day progresses. This is an amazing yet mind boggling feat. The real rub again is the color match. I've tried three colors. 320 Warm Golden (which is supposed to be their yellow version) is too pink and dark even in the summer. 200 Sand Beige is a good match during the winter though it's just a smidge too dark and pink but the next one down, Buff Beige is too light though slightly more yellow. There really is no winning is there?

I honestly want to keep trying with this line because the wear has been so unexpected great but the lack of SPF is a deterrent. It also has a plastic floral scent that never goes away during the day but I know that if I use this, I will always look flawless which makes this hard to give up.

warm golden

with warm golden on

Both of these are generally infallible and if you want a cheap drugstore option for locked down fuller coverage you might want to play the color matching game with one of these. I can get away without applying concealer when I use either and both are great for oily/combo skin. It would probably be good for dry skin too.

I like that the Covergirl has SPF 20 which makes it good enough for the winter and I like how it sits on the face. I wish the Revlon had some SPF but it's ability to wear so well during the day, even in humid summers, is spectacular.

Any good fuller coverage foundations with good color matches for yellow/warm toned skin? With SPF?

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