Tuesday 21 April 2015

Getting Old and Preserving my Youth*

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Murad Youth Builder rejuvenating aha hand cream detoxifying white clay body cleanser review

There comes a time when every woman turns 25 and they are suddenly jarred into this new realm of adulthood by having to choose the 25-35 age bracket during an online poll. I'm sorry but 10 years is a huge space of time. While pre-25 year olds may still cling onto survey response that are bracketed every 5 years, I had a momentary panic when I saw myself 'lumped in' with, oh god...the over 30 year old crowd. 

The first time I had to pick the 25-35 bracket, psychic forces of "general revelations of under achievement" and "ultimate and progressive demise of youth" hit me so hard I was stunned. Such an episode was only repeated a few years later when a work colleague asked me if I had children. 

Now that I'm truly approaching my third decade of life and have started typing "I'm almost 30" in comments, scrabbling to preserve my youth has become top of mind. 

Murad Youth Builder rejuvenating aha hand cream review

I've already gotten some ideas for how to preserve the skin on my face but I haven't given much thought products for the rest of my body. Apparently, Murad has just launched their Murad Youth Builder body care line which is supposed reduce the appearance of aging. 

The Rejuvenating AHA Hand Cream* ($30CDN, 75ml) contains AHA to exfoliate which improves clarity and texture of your skin. It also has Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize. This cream was lightweight and absorbed very quickly. I use an AHA night cream which is so awesome for brightening and I expect this will be the same for my hands too. I've spoken to some people that have a lot of sunspots and they always regret not putting SPF on their hands. I'm considering a regime of SPF and AHA for my hands to compliment what I do for my face. 

So far this has worked quite well at smoothing some of the callouses on my hands that I get from weight lifting.

Murad Youth Builder detoxifying white clay body cleanser review

The Detoxifying White Clay Body Cleanser* ($31CDN, 200ml) is a cleansing clay that is supposed to richly lather while using Ginger Root Extract to encourage circulation, and Safflower and Sunflower Oils to moisturize. It is scented lightly with lemongrass and vetiver.

This body cleanser had a consistency between a lotion and a cream and lathered quite well. It washed off easy and my body had that residual moisturized feel. I can't tell if it's actually increasing my circulation but the instructions suggest lathering in circular motions from your legs on up. 

Murad Youth Builder rejuvenating aha hand cream detoxifying white clay body cleanser ingredients

Murad Youth Builder rejuvenating aha hand cream detoxifying white clay body cleanser review

Of the two, I would go with the AHA hand cream. I've tried other moisturizing body washes so this one didn't seem exactly necessary though I have never tried a body wash that had clay in it. A $30 hand cream is steep but AHA works and its a brilliant idea to incorporate it into a product for hands. If you are thinking of upping your hand skin care game, this might be worth considering but always remember to use sunscreen on your hands anyways. I haven't come across another AHA hand cream just yet but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for sure.
You can find these on the Murad Website and Sephora carries the brand as well.

How do you protect your hands and preserve your 'youth' in areas other than your face? Do you bother?

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