Monday 6 April 2015

L'Occitane Almande

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review of L'occitane's almond velvet balm amande baume de velours

Really fancy things intrigue me. I want to know how it is that something got so fancy and I want to be fancy too. I want to be that girl that can throw the dollar bills in the high end boutiques while sales people fall over ingratiating themselves to me. Let me roll up in my Benz at the Chanel, like its a drive-thru. But let's get real here, I'm more than a couple million shy of being able to do this, and if I want it to rain money, I might be able to rain down a couple of five cent coins...but let me dig into my couch to find some first. 

L'Occitane's Almond Body Balm ($62, 200ml)* is fancy. It's a $62 body cream that is supposed to smooth the skin, reduce fine lines and even the look of skin. It has active ingredients which targets five signs of aging: dryness, skin slackening, lack of tonicity, fine lines and skin irregularities. The melting texture is silky, comfortable and gives an almond tree flower, powdery scent. 

review of L'occitane's almond velvet balm amande baume de velours

The silky feel is no lie. Velvety when you applied, the lightly floral scent isn't old lady or over powering and it works well enough but the formula doesn't smooth out thinly, or melt on the skin, as stated. I have to dig into the pot often to cover my body. The balm is nourishing, but not ground breaking. So far I haven't seen any improvement in signs of aging. I like to think that real signs of aging haven't started yet (at least not on my body) as I'm barely approaching my 30s (oh god. I didn't just type that). 

Again, this is fancy. The same impulse that makes me want to rush buy multiple designer bags would be the same impulse that makes me think a $62 balm is a must have. If it had really delivered something outstanding this might have been worth it but although the smell and feel are both quite lovely, the price point is not so digestible. A nice little treat for sure and it looks lux on my side table but I'm unlikely to repurchase.

Are you fancy?

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