Sunday 12 April 2015

Tiffany Earings and Brown Eyeshadows

I am not persuaded by the iconic Tiffany's blue box. Though "classic", "timeless" and "luxurious", I'm almost persuaded to dislike its WASP-y, privileged aesthetic. My heart is definitely not set on a Tiffany's wedding band (how conservative, how "wait while I put on my jodhpurs for the equestrian club") and some of their more affordable items seem very dull. But when my aunt gifted me the Elsa Peretti Bean earnings, I changed my mind just little and was also reminded of how my makeup tastes have also changed over time.

The earrings cost more than what I think a decent set of sterling silver earnings should cost but that's what you get from Tiffany's. Though that is the case, they have an amazing weight to them and sit solidly in my palms while I place them into my lobes. What I would have considered to be a very boring ovoid and centered grooved design actually looks elegant and fresh when worn. And my appreciation for the understated has expanded into my eyeshadows as well. When once browns were neglected, I have definitely come to appreciate more than my fair share of neutrals. 

It used to be that only colorful shadows would cause heart palpitations. For someone who's first eyeshadow purchases were MAC's Electric Eel and other colorful shades, I never thought I would fall so in love with, and recognize the worth of, browns. Hardly plain and more nuanced than I had ever expected, brown shades are more than just staples but actual necessities. 

Though I don't like admitting it, the earrings complement my aesthetic quite well and embracing brown shadows hasn't been the slide into boring drudgery that I had expected. Both have afforded me an opportunity to expand my mind and promise not to judge if you pick up any of these items for yourself.

Tell me about a time your preferences or tastes have changed.


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