Wednesday 22 April 2015

Lipcote: A Necessity

Lipcote review

There aren't many things that I'd say you need or must have but I'm almost willing to bet that the Lipcote Lipstick sealer will give you the "Ah-Ha!" moment you've been waiting for. Guys, it seals in your lipstick.

Lipcote review

This is almost necessary in everyone's makeup kit. On the Scale of Usefulness from Hats for Elephants to Water and Sunlight, this is up there along with Milk for Babies and Extra Layers during Winter.

Basically, it keeps whatever lip color you've got on, going strong, even through the day and meals. I used this over the Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and it sealed that sucker in goooood. It's supposed to keep your lipstick smudge, fade and kiss proof and you guys know how much I like a kissproof lipstick. After lunch, my color was still blazing red and I didn't need to touch up except where I didn't apply the Lipcote (in the inner part of the lips, oops).

Lipcote review

A little note though, that it may dry your lips, so wipe off as much excess as you can before application. There's a slight cooling and tingly feeling as the alcohol evaporates which isn't the best but for its magic unicorn abilities, I will endure. It slightly mattifies your lipstick's finish but that color will now be locked in there. 

I'm so glad I got Vanessa to pick this up when she was in the UK. I have NO idea where you can get this outside of Boots or Superdrug which is a pain because this has been so damn useful! But with more than 100 applications in a bottle, I've got some time before I need to get another bottle.

Basically you need this.
But where else can I get this? 

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