Tuesday 7 April 2015

Hair Doppelgängers: Clear Intense Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner*

*Press Sample

clear intense hydration shampoo and conditioner review

Sometimes in life, we happen across the same types of people but in a different forms, maybe a new partner reminds you of a previous relationship, maybe a new friend brings to mind an old acquaintance. No two people are ever true doppelgangers but that can't quite be said of beauty products. Using the Clear's Intense Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner* ($7CDN each, 375ml)  triggered some far off memories of a shampoo long pasted.

clear intense hydration shampoo and conditioner review

When I first started using this Clear line, I had a feeling I've tried this before. Formulated to hydrate the scalp and to increase the strength of hair, this combo dispensed out a toothpaste-shaded cream concoction which naggled something in my brain. I finally placed my finger on it, as I washed my hair in its mild lather, and rinsed my locks to reveal what felt like slightly clean, but not squeaky clean, hair. The color, the lather, the consistency and the wash all reminded me of Head and Shoulders.

Indeed, I put my honed Facebook stalking investigative skills to use and wikipedia revealed that both Head and Shoulders and these Clear products use the active ingredient Zinc Pyrithione. Granted I didn't really dive too much into the other ingredients but I was somewhat satisfied from my initial 'investigations' and my general experience that my non-scientific hunch could be correct. 

Either way, Head and Shoulders and these products don't quite give me the hair washing of a life time. The Clear line has kept its promise of keeping my scalp hydrated (though I didn't have a flaky scalp to begin with) but I don't quite enjoy the way it rinses out and how my hair doesn't quite feel fully washed. The consistency of the shampoo doesn't quite give me that satisfying lather either.

Still, it's not bad, but there's no hair rapture here...
and isn't it always better to just move on to better things?

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