Friday 10 April 2015

Sweet Potato Sushi

I've been thinking of ways to cut down on starchy carbs or at least switching out for 'better' starches (having said that I'm cooking some Kimchi Jigae right now and I fully intend that have it with some coconut rice I made (Miismatched maybe, but delicious? We'll see). The only problem is that my love for sushi is boundless and those little morsels tend to be made with rice. As proof of concept, I tried to recreate sushi using sweet potato as a substitute.

After steaming and mashing some sweet potato, I set to work rolling up the sushi. I had initially set out to create kimbap (minus the bap (rice)), the Korean sister of the Japanese dish. The difference lies in the preparation of the rice. While sushi rice has a dash of rice vinegar and sometimes sugar, kimbap uses the rice plain. The contents are slightly different. Kimbap never uses raw ingredients but a main departure is in the rice.

The sweet potato spread easily onto the Nori with some help of a knife that was dipped into water first. Logistically everything rolled up just fine and since there wasn't a thick rice later, I ate more rolls than usual would have. More stuffing, less rice, doesn't seem like a bad idea.

These worked out quite well. Because the rice vinegar and sugar taste was missing, along with the mayo that is sometimes used in the filling, these were a little plain and next time I might add in something to the sweet potato and marinate the spinach I used. 

I filled these with a combination of:
imitation crab
picked diakon (radish)
canned tuna which I mixed with Sriracha
and of course the sweet potato.

Proof of concept achieved. Now to refine the idea for next time.

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