Monday 14 July 2014

Should I Keep My Lipliners?

nyx lipliner pencil swatch deep red hot red fuchsia dolly pink

 A surprising degree of strength is necessary to purge items from my makeup stockpile. Strength I have yet to possess, so Jenn (vibrant beauty) held my hand as we swiftly dispensed of 9 lip glosses. We haven't started in on the lipsticks yet but I'm hoping for similarly satisfactory results. The high of buying new things is only comparable to the high of releasing all those same items back into the wild.

nyx lipliner pencil swatch deep red hot red fuchsia dolly pink

I tried to accomplish this task by myself but 'what if' scenarios kept entering my head.
What if I really did want to have goth purple lips at work? I would rock that shit.
What if I could make cool-toned matte lips finally work? I just haven't tried hard enough.
What if there was a frosted lipstick trend resurgence? I have to be ready and armed.

I've been staring at my NYX lip liners for days now, with all sort of waffley feelings. I bought these thinking that I should have some in my arsenal. Keeping them would dispel possibilities of often cited (and yet never seen in public) lipstick smeared past the lip line. Keeping them would make lipstick last even longer. Keeping them would do all sorts of crazy magic with my lip color. That is, if I actually bothered to use them.

nyx lipliner pencil swatch deep red hot red fuchsia dolly pink

I specifically chose these colors to cover all liner needs and to ensure more vibrant lipsticks last the day. Here are Fuschia, Hot Red, Dolly Pink and Deep Red. I have not used these once but am compelled to believe that if I finally did, my lips would suddenly be so much more awesome. I just don't know it yet and don't want to re-buy them if that does turn out to be the case.

The obvious solution is to finally use them a few days next week and figure it all out but in the mean time..someone help me. They take up little room. I like the colors. I only have four. (ha. only.)

Do lip liners actually make a difference? Do you use lip liners?

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