Wednesday 2 July 2014

PSA: Your Embarrassing Soundcloud

Credit: Josh Olin
To them young thugs that be blastin' those beats all up in the subwayz...
Homes, why you gotta play it like that?!* 

But for serious (yo), people and their sound clouds, it's a thing and neo-Radio Raheem's are still a mystery to me. It takes a certain number of balls (at least 3) to stand behind your tunes in public as you turn it up from the butt pocket of your saggy jeans. Frankly we aren't all ready for that level of scrutiny and while I will fist pump your right to express yourself (queue Madge here) and surround your every existence with music because you just. can't. live. without it, some selections from the public music variety hour have raised more than one of my eyebrow (at most 2 but never 3). I'm sure train-riding middle-agers, who have lost a few hearing decibels from these broadcasts, have waggled their eyebrows along with me. 
Credit: Illamasqua SS 12 Campaign
Recent smooth subway stylin' choices have included Maroon 5 pumping out of a 15 year old's cellphone like he was the shit (let's be realz, he was) and an OG's expletive laden songs about bitches and hoes (definitely not the shit). If you gonna EDUCATE, do it right and go ol'school, man! Or at least pick something with a little class, to keep the old ladies happy.

Credit: Illamasqua SS 12 Campaign
Honestly my choices aren't any less embarrassing. I once tried to be 'with it' by playing an untested-for-public-consumption LCD Soundsystem album while on Chapter's music duty, an experience cut short by managers urging a less annoying option (let's be realz again, it was a bad choice).  My current sound cloud would be a haze of KPop but I've had:

and this rager:

on repeat in my head for days now. But you know, and I know, that while I'm down for carrying these tunes loud and proud, and inspiring public dance sessions to:


I'm gonna do the right thing and keep the flying legs and the karaoke voice inside while sitting on the subway quietly.

So, what's playing in your embarrassing sound cloud?

*This is what happens when you watch The Wire and think you be gangsta.

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