Saturday 26 July 2014

TMI: Take It OFF! (On Brazillian Waxing..)

waxon wax bar toronto review

Let's be open. We're friends right? 'Cause the straight up truth is that less is more when it comes to the pubes. Going all natural is a hairy situation but taking it all off makes my women parts look a little bare. I prefer a semblance of propriety and opt for a modest Brazilian which leaves a strip in the front. My FAVE place is Waxon Waxbar and since I've never been treated to a complimentary service there and found it myself, I'd like to think you can trust my opinion.

I like Waxon for two reasons.

waxon wax bar toronto review

1) They know their technique:
No generic warm wax here! Waxon has hard wax (also called cold wax) specifically made for sensitive areas. It hardens and peeled off without a cloth. Since it only adheres to hair and never to skin so IT LEAVES NO WAX RESIDUE. Wax residue is gross and trying to get it off is even grosser. 

waxon wax bar toronto review

2) They aren't bad dates:
Like bad one night stands, some places leave you to clean up yourself before you pay and leave quietly through the door. You might even developed a rash or bumps since no one told you how to take care of yourself after. Waxon gives you TLC by applying Prince Reigns serum ($30 exclusive to Waxon in Canada and raved about by Oprah..whatever) which stop ingrown hairs from developing and send you on your way with tips on when you should come back and how you should exfoliate.

waxon wax bar toronto review

waxon wax bar toronto review

These two things along with their bright, clean, trendy looking facilitates and friendly staff impressed me. For $40 a Modest Brazilian (cheaper than the going rate of ~$50) and with point benefits to help reduce the price, I recommend them. They wax everything and provide threading too. For the men, they also have man-zilian service. Points to them for looking at and after both gender's privates.

Honestly, waxing beats shaving when it comes to this. No nicks in weird places and no awkward squats in the shower to reach everywhere. Frankly I'd rather pay the pretty penny to get Kate at Waxon to take care of my needs.

The Low-Down on the Brazilian
- This removes all hair between your legs, even in places you didn't think about *ahem* between your butt cheeks. You and your legs will be slightly, but comfortably, contorted to reach all areas.
- Hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long. Remember to trim. They have scissors but it's polite to do it yourself first.
- They give you a wipe to clean yourself up before you expose yourself to a stranger.
- Yes it hurts but a lot less than expected. The first time is the worst, all other times are a bit of a breeze.
- Your hair will grow back but slower and more fine. It's best to go once a month until you can get by maybe every 1.5 or 2.

Think you're brave enough? Most of you in the comments couldn't handle getting waxed. Can the Brazilian or bikini wax lovers speak up?

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