Sunday 20 July 2014

The Blush Challenge

Last year or so, I completed my lipstick challenge where I used a different lipstick every day. I should probably get into that habit again but instead, as I was purging my stash, I saw that the number of blushes I had were significant (p>0.05).

So while I'm still on the purging spree (sort of), I'm going to try and use as much blush as I can, Each week I will use the same blush everyday with no repeats for following weeks. That means four or so different blush a month and hopefully we're looking at completing in about 9 months (holy crap). That's 30 blushes yo! Highlighters and bronzer's don't count but will be used in addition to blushes. 

I'm also pretty horrible at pairing lipsticks with blushes so this will give me chance to experiment with new combinations. I'm sure more than a few mistakes will be made and I'm predicting at least 2/7 days of really bad color matches, 1/7 days of using the same combo twice and maybe 5/30 days of really bad clown-cheek-ness. I'll try and remember to do monthly updates.

Good luck to me...let's see how this goes.

Also, I challenge YOU!?

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