Friday 4 July 2014

Ind!a Circus

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Some of us spend a lot of money on where we put our money. The boyfriend has been carrying around the same leather wallet since forever, its his only one, but I seemed to have collected more than a few options.

And who am I if I didn't have options to display and hold my insignificant wealth? I can't roll with the riches in their South Hampton escapes and summer yachts but t I can feign authenticity with designer goods before the emptiness of my bank account is revealed. And how am I going to fit that soccer-mom trifold wallet I carried in high school (so fash!) into tiny evening purses? A few wallet sizes are always helpful. 

When the zippers on my wallet fell off, I started thinking of other wallet options while I've reverted back to my Tokidoki small format wallet. There's an awesome paper coin purse (that's machine washable?!?) from HoiBo which I love, and faux snake print coin purse that fits into smaller bags. Ind!a Circus sent me their "Mysterious Flower Ladies" wallet and the colorful pattern adds some levity and brightness to my aesthetic while the multiple card slots carry my overflowing collection of membership cards. If you liked patterned wallets, you may want to check them out. The surface is easy to clean but if you're partial to leather, these are made of some type of faux leather material.

Since I get sidetracked easily, a browse through their online store gave me great interior decorating ideas. Made and created in India by Krshna Mehta,  these products and designs have been sold in and Hautelook and are a modern take on the Indian heritage. The crockery designs are elegant and their wall clocks are worth a look. Take a browse, I'm sure something will peak your interest.

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