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Sunscreen Options With Clarins*

*All Featured are Press Samples
clarins sunscreen reviews

 I didn't know that I could do better than my Banana Boat Baby or that better sunscreens existed or even that sunscreens came in any other format aside from squeeze tubes. I've been exploring sunscreens more and Clarins did me a one-up by sending quite a few options to discover. So here are my recommendations for your Clarins sunscreen purchasing decisions. (tldr points at the bottom). 

clarins sunscreen reviews UV PLUS HP, sunscreen control cream for face sunscreen stick

Face SPF
Sun Control Stick for Sun-Sensitive Areas UVA/UVB SPF 30 ($34, 8g)

Formulated for the ears, lips and nose, this was the first time I'd seen sunscreen in a stick. It goes on slightly waxy and works great under cream lipsticks but I wouldn't reapply it over gloss. It can pale out your lips slightly and lightens your lip color just a tiny smidge. This might be worth it to add some SPF to your current lipsticks. It's not strongly scent, smells like normal lipbalm, and doesn't sit heavily on the lips. A neat concept, highly portable but very specific and pricey. True lipstick fiends might find this a necessity in the summer.

Ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide
Selling points: sensitive areas on your face or want something highly portable.

UV Plus HP SPF 40 ($41, 50ml)

This is even more lightweight than my Missha facescreen! I'm liking the mattifying effect it has on my face and with only mineral filters, no one should have allergic reactions to this. It's formulated to protect against aging, dries down instantly, doesn't have a scent, and has a liquid thin consistency with no greasy or heavy feeling. Pretty win, in my books!

Ingredients: titanium dioxide
Selling points: lightweight face emulsion

Sunscreen Control Cream for Face Wrinkles SPF 30 ($34, 75ml)

This is slightly thicker than the UV Plus but still has protective ingredients against aging and age spots. It's suppose to be non-sticky and but its lightly tacky until it dries down. A good option for the face but nothing outstanding.

Ingredients: octcrylene, octinoxate, titanium dioxide, ensulizole
Selling points: A good alternative if you don't want to shell out for the UV Plus HP

clarins sunscreen reviews sunscreen care cream

Light SPF
Sunscreen Care Cream Progressive Tanning SPF 20 ($38, 200ml)

For those into tanning, this would be a good option. Actually I think the SPF 20 makes this great for the shoulder seasons, a good option to use during Spring and Fall to keep your lily white arms, lily white (if you're into that). It has a more traditional sunscreen thickness but not as thick as my Banana Boat (I'm thinking I'll never return to that.)

Ingredients: octocrylene, octinoxate, titanium dioxide
Selling points: low SPF good for tanning, water resistant for 40 minutes, hydrates and protects skin again signs of aging and age spots.

Sunscreen Spray Oil-Free Lotion SPF 15 ($35, 150ml)

SPF 15 is sort of low. BUT if you're running around on a field and sweating off your sunscreen anyways, this almost invisible feeling spray on formula is perfect. Quick reapplications during your penalties or while on the bench are easy. I tested this out while going to the gym and it didn't feel like anything while I was sweating with the cardio machine and weights. But keep in mind the constant reapplication might eat through this bottle faster than normal and you may want a short bit for drying time before you sit down.

Ingredients: homosalate, octly methoxycinnamate, oxybenzone, octyl salicylate, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, octcrylene
Selling points: Great for an outdoor sports person. It says "Ideal for men" but I don't know about that...

clarins sunscreen reviews sunscreen care milk for children sunscreen milk lotion spray

Body SPF
After Sun Moisturizer Ultra Hydrating ($36, 200ml)

This lotion style after sun product seems hydrating but I miss the cooling gel sensation that other after sun products give. It also doesn't seem to have aloe vera in it. Though still a thinnish lotion, slathering it onto sun sensitive areas wasn't entirely comfortable (I got a bit of a burn last saturday) and this might only be good for those who haven't been burned and are trying to prolong their tan. 

Ingredients: shea butter, sunflower seed extract, watermelon fruit extract, sunflower seed oil, safflower seedcake extract, dimethicone
Selling Points: moisturizes after a day of tanning, maintains your tan for longer

Sun Care Milk for Children UVA/UVB SPF 50+ 100% Mineral Screen ($35, 150ml) and Sunscreen Care Milk - Lotion Spray SPF 50+ ($35 150ml)

I find these to be interchangeable but people with specific ingredient needs beware. The Lotion Spray contains chemical sunscreen while the Milk for Children does not. The lotion spray is also slightly thinner than the Milk but both you're really splitting hairs here and both are quite lightweight. Though they come in pump bottles, you still need to spread them with your hands so the bottles get slightly slippery after a while. The Milk for Children comes out a thin liquid (so nice) and the Lotion Spray comes out as a X-shaped spray. Slippery bottles aside, I much prefer the pump design over a squeeze tube. Both dry down well and feel like you've applied normal body lotion. Not too greasy.

Ingredients: (Milk for Children) titanium dioxide, zinc oxide
(Lotion Spray) homosalate, oxybenzone, octisalate, avovenzone, octocrylene
Selling points: light weight lotions for the body, child option is water resistant for 80 mins

In general
I wore all of these out. Even on hotter days, I didn't feel like any of these sat as heavily on my skin as my Banana Boat Baby (ha, that name cracks me up). They're still sunscreens though so it won't be like you're wearing nothing though most dried down quickly withough sitting too heavily on the skin. The sports spray felt almost invisible.

All the body options are scented, no getting around that. If you have a guy in your life, who doesn't mind smelling slightly floral then one bottle will be great for the entire family. But if someone is particularly sensitive about their masculinity then they may want to get their own.

Though my skin has been prone to allergic reactions, none of these caused reactions. I was a little nervous to try all of these so I'm glad no rashes developed.

All cost between $34-41, yes even that little 8g of Sun Control Stick. Though I hesitate to recommend these because of their price, the formulas are made with skincare in mind. Most have ingredients which protect against pollution, have antioxidant/ moisturizing properties or anti-aging components. It's suncreen+ if you will. I'd spend the money on the face options in general but might find some cheaper spray options for the body now that I know spray options actually exist.

Most recommended: UV HP PLUS, Suncare Milk for Children, Sun Control Stick (for diehard lipstick-fiends)
Most interesting: Sun Control Stick
Mineral ingredients only: Milk for Children, Suncare Stick, UV HP Plus
Least heavy feeling: Sunscreen Spray SPF 15, UV HP  PLUS
Fastest delivery: Sunscreen Spray SPF 15 followed by the Sun Care Milk for Children and Sunscreen Care Milk Lotion Spray


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