Friday 18 July 2014

Skoah Even-Keeled Kit First Impressions* and Giveaway!

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skoah even-keeled kit review kleasning lotion, face skrub, tonik, face skotion

Skincare gets me excited, the 'for realz', jazz hands, heart palpitation, first love type excited. Throw me a scrub and some fancy ingredients and I'll show you what dying of happiness looks like.

 Even though Vancouver based Skoah was 10 mins from my GVRD home and even though I place Skoah on the same pedestal as Dermalogica, I never went. So ZOMGS thank you Skoah for letting me try this Even-Keeled Kit. You can also win your own ($140 retail value)! Here are first impressions of the brand which offers "personal training for your skin". 

skoah even-keeled kit review kleasning lotion, face skrub, tonik, face skotion

 The items in the Even-Keeled Kit have more pronounceable and recognizable ingredients than most other skincare options I own. There are so many plant extracts that I feel like I got these from an apothecary. The products focus on hydration (hyluronic acid is an ingredient) and balancing out your oily here, dry there, normal somewhere type skin. You get:

Face Skrub ($35, 60g)
Not too harsh, just quite right. The beads are really fine and even though they're scrubby they aren't tearing away at my face (I'm looking at you St. Ives...). The gel rinses cleanly away and it smells like pineapples. Nothing too crazy but this is a solid and well performing physical exfoliating option with sea algae and hyluronic acid.

Kleansing Lotion ($30, 240ml):
I expected a greasy, filmy cleansing milk product but got something completely different. It smooths on my face without sliminess, washed away without any residue and actually cleaned my face better than my Cetaphil. I got straight up clean skin without any stripping. This product really surprised me and is worth mentioning, one of those, "you've got to try to believe it" type things.

Tonik ($25, 240ml):
I don't get super excited about toner..'cause whatever..toner but the mister on this has got to be the finest I've ever felt. The toner mattified on my face and sunk in incredibly well without any alcohols and the solution is pH balancing. So far as I can imagine a product feeling like 'it's doing something', this actually feels like it did something. The mattifying, but not drying, sensation was an obvious indicator.

Face Skotion ($45, 50ml):
A thin consistency that so far feels quite hydrating without any heaviness. It hasn't broke me out and hasn't made me oily. In fact, it has helped keep oiliness at a minimum which is something I haven't experienced in a long time. A good compliment to the rest of the line and I'm hoping in time it will help heal up the super flaky skin on my nose.

In General:
I can't believe how un-oily my face has been these last few days from using these. The whole line has hydrated my skin such that it has stopped overcompensating my dehydrated skin by overproducing oil. This is SUCH A WIN but it's early days and I'm hoping these results continue. It's hard to pick one stand out item since I'm quite pleased with everything but it's between the Kleansing Lotion and the Tonik. Not to sound like a blatant brand endorser but I honestly think these are more than worth your consideration.

skoah even-keeled kit review kleasning lotion, face skrub, tonik, face skotion

The kit also offers a travel set (mine had deluxe samples of Face Skrub, Hydradew, Kleansing Lotion, Face Skotion SPF 30 and Tonik), a Skoah towel and it all comes in an ecofriendly mini cooler bag.

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Have you tried Skoah? Does anything interest you?

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