Thursday 17 July 2014

Sigma E25 and E30 Brushes*

*Press sample

Sigma E25 and E30 Brushes review

 Sigma. I hear about this brand and I wonder if it's really as great as people say. I was sent the Sigma E30 and E25 brushes. So here's a review.

Sigma E25 and E30 Brushes review

 E25 is listed as a blending brush. It has a flat profile with a rounded top and blends quite well! I've even used it to lay down color. The bristles are soft and moveable but not so moveable that it won't drag pigmented on the lid when blending. After washing, the brush held its shape and no shedding occurred during use.

Uses: blending crease and lid colors, inner corner application, all over lid use

Sigma E25 and E30 Brushes review

The E30 is a pencil brush. I've come to really appreciate the precision these sorts of brushes give and use them exclusively for laying color on the lower lash line. This shed a little when I got it. Though dense, it's a bit more moveable and not as stiff as I would like for depositing pigment precisely. It can still give you some precision but we're not talking pin point here. I have another brush I like for that level of exactness.

Uses: Lower lash line application, precision inner corners, highlight under eyebrows, nose contouring

For my first foray into Sigma, I'm quite pleased with the E25 and will find uses for the E30. They both are good solid brush options and retail at $16 each with makes them about $10 less than their MAC counterparts. You can pick these up at Obsessed Look with free shipping to Canada for Sigma brushes (!). I've got my eye on some of the Precision line brushes.

What have your Sigma brush experiences been like? What standout brushes do you have in your collection? 

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