Friday 11 July 2014

Currently Reading

I quite like it when some of you guys talk about the books your are reading. I also quite like it when more than one, but not more than five books are mentioned. So here are three that I'm currently getting through.

Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan
Picked this up but stopped half way; not sure if I'm going to finish it. 

If light chick reads featuring multi-billionaire asian jet setters are your thing, give it a go. It's actually a secret thrill of mine to be able to read the ping yin in Cantonese in my head and I'm always surprised by how easily my brain autotranslates things for me. Don't worry, there's only a few phrases here and there. Though the concept is interesting and I'm still so shocked by the real facts that get smattered here and there, I'm finding the pace too slow for my liking.

Resurrection (Auferstehung der Toten) - Wolf Haas
Haven't started but this promises to be a funny crime series. 

My favorite fiction genre is mystery and apparently Wolf is one of those international heavy weights you never hear about until they get translated into English. His protagonist is described as "a detective who always gets where he’s going, but never the way anyone else would." Sounds like fun times, can't wait to read.

World of Wonder - Robertson Davies
I've read the first two in this trilogy and am finally rounding out this set.

 The main character in each book is always presented by the speaker of the novels and never by themselves. I find that detachment interesting. "This novel tells the life story of the unfortunate boy introduced in Fifth Business, who was spirited away from his Canadian home by one of the members of a traveling side show, the Wanless World of Wonders." I don't often go for Canadian writers, but Robertson has been so stellar I will most likely read his entire bibliography. Smart, witty and punchy in text, its a good engrossing read.

Quotes from Amazon.

 So, whatcha reading?
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