Monday 30 June 2014

Need the Wet n' Wild Color Icon Shadows? No, you?

Do you need the wet n wild color icon shadow 8 palette comfort zone petal pusher blue me at hello roundup swatches and review

Seeing these for $3.75 at the drugstore, my immediate impulse was to snap them up to see what the hype over these palettes was about. Comfort Zone has escalated to almost Urban Decay Naked Palette-esque stature as far as drugstore options go BUT, do you really need these? 

After playing around with these, here's the lowdown on your buying thought process.

Do you need the wet n wild color icon shadow 8 palette comfort zone swatches and review

Comfort Zone
Buy If: You just need that one thing for the rest of your life and it has to be earth toned. Be comfortable having only one cool toned look and one warm toned look. Or you're happy wearing that slightly rose brown (shade 2) on the lid all the time, go for it. I'm partial to warmer tones.

Don't Buy If: You need a few more neutral browns and don't care for that green. In that case, you can hold out for the Naked 1 or 2. This won't give you a lot of options for lighter neutral looks. For complete newbies, the color scheme on the right might be slightly intimidating.

Worth it Anyways: The last Definer shade might make this palette worth it anyways. That duochrome shade is unique enough to make the $5 worth it especially if you don't want to pull out $18 for MAC's Club (which is suppose to be a dupe, but I'm skeptical) and you have other neutrals you like already. However, this won't be true if you're afraid of green duochromes or darker shades. 

Do you need the wet n wild color icon shadow 8 palette petal pusher swatches and review

Petal Pusher

Buy If: Assuming you already like purple,  you want a palette of purples. That's really what you're getting here.

Don't Buy If:  You really need that brow highlight and it HAS to match with the rest of your eyeshadow look. The first brow shade barely shows on my skin even with primer.

Worth It Anyways: The last crease and definer shades. This is a great way to pick up some darker colors that aren't black for a good price. The last crease is a blacked purple-red while the last definer has some good sparkle for a party look.

Do you need the wet n wild color icon shadow 8 palette blue me at hello swatches and review

Blue Me at Hello
Buy if: Seriously, do you see these colors? The lightest shades will work amazingly as highlights for other color combinations. That blacked navy is amazing and the turquoise will look awesome on the lower lashline. Color 6 is a more intense version of MAC's Shimmermoss. Color 8 is a darker version of MAC's contrast.

Don't buy if: You really don't like blues. otherwise. Buy ittt...

Worth it Anyways: The first crease shade is glittery navy on a black base. The last lid color is amazing. So worth it. A bright and beautiful teal that would be great as a lower lash color, or as an inner corner color when you're adventurous. This is also a great way to pick up more stark highlight/browbone colors. Its not everyday that you're going to need silver or light grey highlights. This is a cheap option for those shades.

In General
These are a great price for a, mostly, consistent product. Even the worst performing shade can be excused since there's more than enough of other colors for your $5. Generally, the pigmentation is good to great on these with some standout shades. There's a good mix of shimmer and glitter to provide variety and to fill existing shadow gaps. These come with a duo-ended brush which is sort of 'meh'.

Buy if: You're starting to building your collection AND you're on a budget. If you're starting to build a collection and you're NOT on a budget, I would think long and hard regarding other palettes that might suit your color needs. If you ONLY need that one eyeshadow look FOREVER then go ahead and purchase. Buy one of the color palettes to experiment with either purples or blues OR if you only use colors sometimes and paying $$$ for something occasional isn't going to be worth it.

Don't Buy if: Honestly if you have lots of shadows and shadow palettes you will most likely have these shades already. These are travel friendly but I'm sure you have some other palettes that will give you a few more options than just one of these. If you're going to have to bring all three for color options....that would just defeat the purpose.

Most recommended: If you really don't have neutrals and you don't want to think about it, yea Comfort Zone but it's not my favorite collection of neutrals. There are better combinations out there, yes for Sephora prices, but even with other drugstore brands (possibly...). My most recommended has to be Blue Me at Hello though.

PHEW! Well...since these have been around for a while, this review won't be for everyone. For those who have been really waffling, I hope it helps?

Have you picked these up? What do you think about my assessment of the palettes? Are you going to go for them?

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