Wednesday 18 June 2014

Fekkai Hair Care Brilliant Glossing Kit*

*Press Sample Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Kit

Here's a great idea! Buy jumbo sized shampoo you've never tried because it's on sale and everyone needs shampoo so...YAY SAVINGS! I'm on my second shampoo of woeful regret (A'kin's Rice Amino and Wheat Protein Intense Moisture Shampoo ) and triple pumping isn't using it up fast enough. If you want limp morning-after hair that doesn't feel clean when you wash it, please take it off my hands. I have half a litre of this stuff, half a litre!!

Straight up,  I was never more thankful than when I was sent the Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Sample Kit ($17.99 at London Drugs for the Brilliant Glossing Shampoo, Condition and Styling Creme). The waste-not-want-not Asian in me wasn't going to call it quits until the shampoo I had blindly married in a Vegas chapel was emptied ("it seemed like a good idea at the time!") so the kit really saved me from my doomed union. With promises of smooth, gently detangled, vividly glossy hair I was more than ready to commit shameful shampoo adultery with Fekkai. 

Upon my first furtive romp with this set, you could have confused my tears of relief with the water from my shower head. I believed in true love clean hair again and it did all the things my other boyfriend shampoo didn't do. It gave my hair strength! It gave my hair softness! It gave me wings so I could fly. It touched my hand and I could touch the sky. You get the idea... 

Each strand of hair was perfectly individual but all-together wonderfully smooth and soft. The styling creme was lightweight and I hardly felt it in my hair throughout the day as it gave my hair some glow factor. I honestly don't pay much attention to hair products but I've been having the most illicit and sexy affair with this set all week and its been good, to be bad. Now...I just have to prime myself for the inevitable walk of shame back to my bottle of regret once these are all used up.

Any bad shampoos stories? I usually don't care about shampoos but when something is awesome I really do notice and when something is awful I really regret it.


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