Saturday 14 June 2014

PSA: The Ubiquitous Handcream

*Press sample shown

Glances at dry wintertime talons make you wince. Handshakes with weathered phalangial skin makes you cringe. The sand paper friction of your lover's digits caressing your face brings you to tears (and NOT because of the romance.) 

We are fighting a war, ladies and gentlemen. For many decades we have been fighting! A war against which we have only one weapon!

The travel sized hand cream.

Yes. We have defended ourselves with the lowly travel sized hand cream. The travel sized hand cream: easy to cart, and the saviour of your metacarpal coverings. All praise the travel sized hand cream, ubiquitous and now in (probably) more than 100 varieties. Combat never smelled so good.

Imagine this scene: Your hands are parched and as anxiety mounts while you wrestle with your purse contents, trying to find relief, realization have left your defences at home. Slowly panic overcomes your face. There is nothing you can do. Your hands will be dry, arid, withered, waterless and thirsty until you get home. The lowliest existence! Don't let this happen to you!

We must remain vigilant against dryness. Some people not only carry hand cream during jaunts away from the abode, but have them stashed away around the home and office. I personally have three tubes open at all times. One at my office desk. One in my purse. One at my home desk. Any less would be negligent, and I suggest you configure your arsenal thusly. One must be prepared to fight the good fight should moisture depletion threaten! Soft hands are a right! 

So I propose a toast! A toast to the hand cream. Though often used and never praised, may we always remember the stealthy powers that come in your pint sized and colorful packaging. And may we always carry at least one in our bags. Here, here!

Asking if you use hand cream is silly. Of course you do...right?!

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