Tuesday 24 June 2014

Philosophizing Scents

We live in an excessive age. Not only can we eat when we want and go where we like, we can also be with who we wish, and generally exist how we choose. All these choices! This abundance has even extended to the minutiae of scent and frankly...that's not altogether unwelcome.

Some people do not exercise a scent choice even when they should (the wafting of fumes from sweaty gym individuals comes to mind). "To scent, or not to scent" may be worth a discussion but the question of which scent is far more interesting. The answer, distills into a decision and realization of the mood and ambiance one feels or hopes to project that day.

Maybe you feel a little bit luxurious. Holts will readily supply you with expensive Tom Ford or By Kilian offerings which are sensual and seductive. 

Maybe, you're a creature of habit and frequently reach for one particular note. Citrus makes an appearance in most of my scents but each perfume offers a different interpretation. La Vie est Belle brings a comfortable cozy haze to one's day. Angel adds something odd and strange to the environment. Orange Sanguine awakens with brightness. Light Blue mellows with deeper amber and musk. Even sharing a similar note, the sensibility evoked by each puff is not the same. 

Or perhaps you suit your fragrance to the day's activities. Kat Von D's Sinner and Bath and Body Work's Amber Blush are scents perfectly suited for flirty jaunts in European floral beds with significant others. 

Whatever the choice, your perfume choice was informed by a projection of your self, the person you want to be or feel that you are.  One only needs to feel the psychological dissonance of an erroneous mood diagnosis (perhaps grabbing a ______ when really a ______ was more appropriate) to know that this is true. The rest of the day is spent smelling 'off' or 'too strong'.

The world of perfumes can adapt to the many facets of any individual. It offers quick costume changes to suit your character of the day. It signals your mood to those around you and invites them share your sentiment as they're wrapped in the wake of your aroma. All these notes, all these bottles, all these choices, summate to a lot of perfect choices.

Thoughts? What moods do your scents evoke? 

Daily Zen:
not related to scents at all, but since Summer is sort of here/just around the corner, here is a GREAT list of sun screen info put together by Rowena.

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