Thursday 26 June 2014

Guest Post: Zoe's Summer Makeup Suggestions

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I'm Zoe from Writing Whimsy and I'm really exciting to be guest-posting on Jenn's blog and sharing my Summer Makeup Suggestions. I kinda realized after taking these photos I was missing some good suggestions (BB cream or tinted moisturizer, for example) but that's why it's awesome you've got lots more posts you can visit to find out what other Canadian Beauty Bloggers suggested.

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Despite the number of products in these photos, my main Summer Makeup Suggestion is to keep things simple and easy. Less makeup on means less makeup to sweat off! To help prevent that, use a primer underneath your makeup-- both face and eyes. I have the Julep Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer which I honestly didn't use much last year because it only came in my September Box (shared here) but I'm definitely going to be reaching for this time! After applying whatever face base you pick, I like to reach for my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, which is a super-affordable, massive powder. I'm a little undecided over how well setting sprays work, but I do like how they feel which is why I have the ELF Moisture Mist & Set, because it's very refreshing on a hot summer day, and if it makes your makeup last longer, that's even better. On my eyes, an easy to apply and long-lasting base like a cream shadow is probably all I'm going to reach for on hot summer days. I own a few Maybelline Color Tattoos, but the one pictured is a really neutral and pretty shade called Barely Branded. I only own one Mac Paint Pot, but Rubenesque is a beautiful shade, and I love that it gives lots of dimension even without applying a powder shadow on top. Both products are very long lasting and great summer makeup suggestions--although I wear them year-round.

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I couldn't make a list of summer makeup suggestions and not include some blushes, so I've got three in three different formats. theBalm inStain Blushes are a long lasting powder blush format, and although I only have a small sample of the shade Swiss Dot, I am definitely interested in getting more in the full size. Beside it, though you can barely tell, is a Model Co Cheek and Lip Tint in a sample size that came in my October Beauty Box 5 (reviewed here). It's a liquidy gel, kinda like Benetint, which is great for giving long lasting colour on the cheeks, although I find it too drying to use on the lips. Finally for the cheeks, I absolutely love my cream blushes, and one of my favourite affordable options are the MUA Cream Blushes, and the shade I'm showing is Blossom, but I own a few and love them all. Cream blushes give a natural, almost dewy finish and I think it looks great on hydrated summer skin although it isn't as long lasting as the other blush choices, you can help set it and get it to last longer by topping it with a powder.

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In terms of making my eye makeup last as long as possible, if you're going for a shadow look it's a good idea to stick a primer, like the ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer underneath it. However, another great choice is to skip anything on the eyes besides a cat eye flick of liquid liner. The Essence Liquid Liner is a really black, really long-lasting choice, and I think even the non-waterproof one does a great job, but to make sure it really lasts through the heat they do make a waterproof option as well. You can check out my full review of the Essence Liquid Liner* here on my blog.

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Overall, my summer makeup suggestions are all about things that last, look natural, and are easy to reapply. I'd love to know what you'll be wearing on your face this summer (besides SPF!)?


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