Monday 18 January 2016

Oil Testing (ft. Skinny Coconut Oil)*

*Press Sample

Skinny and Company Coconut Oil

I've seen the rise in popularity of other oils and Coconut is one of the most common. Some of my friends have suggested I use it to cook. Others have told me the benefits of using it in their hair. The internet also momentarily confused me with the idea of "oil pulling". With so many potential uses and equally as many claims of benefit, I'm pretty happy to be testing out the Skinny & Company Coconut Oil* ($15CDN, 2oz).
Skinny Coconut Oil

Though many companies are offering Coconut oil, the Skinny and Company difference is that the oil comes from wild harvested  and hand picked coconuts in Vietnam. It is the only 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil in the world and guarenteeds more "living enzymes" in its product. The oil is extracted in a exclusive, cool air technology which requires no heating and 10% of the proceeds go back to Vietnam for clean water initiatives and building of schools.

There are a lot of promises that come with using Coconut Oil. Skinny and Company suggest that their product can:
- locks in moisture, keeping skin hydrated and energized
- soothes itchiness, dryness, small cuts and scratches
lessens the appearance of wrinkles
- speeds growth and strengthens hair from the roots
- creates more body, shine and volume as a leave-in conditioner

Skinny Coconut Oil

I've tried it:
In my hair: I've realized that oil in my hair never ends well. Yes my hair smelled wonderfully like coconuts and had a nice shine but it was weighted down even when I used very little and on only on the ends.
On my skin: I've used this melted onto my hands and on a patch of eczema I have on my shoulder. It gives a soothing feeling on that patch of skin but hasn't really improved it. It does nicely moisturize my hands though and doesn't leave them too greasy.
In my food: Coconut oil doesn't have a lot of flavor but it has a lot of aroma which adds to your eating experience. I prefer it best lightly smeared over bread with some salt sprinkled on top.

I didn't try the Oil Pulling method because... I just don't buy into the 'science' of it. I also don't buy into the idea of "living enzymes". Any biochemist can tell you that no such thing exists.

Skinny Coconut Oil

Overall, I love the scent. I love the way it melts and smooths onto my skin but I'm not convinced with the "beauty" uses of Coconut Oil and I much prefer the edible uses. Skinny and Company have some good aspects which might make you decide on them over a generic Coconut oil option but it is pretty pricy for the amount. Only a little needs to be used at a time (for non-cooking uses) so this 2oz jar would be a good way to test out if you like using Coconut Oil but ultimately there may be more economic options out there. I know I've seen huge jars of organic Coconut Oil at Costco for $25CDN.

You can find this at Sephora.


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