Wednesday 20 January 2016

In the Moment #33: Notes on A Product Launch (ft. For Beloved One)

The way a brand launches says a lot about their risk tolerance and where they think the market is heading. For Beloved One is a Taiwanese skincare brand that is sold in most of Asia and it can be found in Sephora's asian locations. Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and China are already very familiar and in love with this brand and it is finally launching in Canada.

Last week I attended For Beloved One's launch at the Cactus Club in Coal Harbour. Representatives came out to Vancouver and showcased the many products that will be filling the shelves of T&T very soon. I hope you noticed two interesting things in that last sentence. Many Products and T&T. 

I've often found that Asian brands enter Canada softly. Maybe a few of their prime products will make there way here but instead, For Beloved One, from what I counted, is bringing at least 5 full lines (including multiple color options for their BB and DD creams) to stores immediately.  T&T was chosen because the supermarket chain had repeatedly implored For Beloved One to sell in their stores and since Sephora North America includes the States as well, FBO thought that T&T was the right direction to go.

The star item from FBO are their Bio-cellulose Face Mask. This is the product most often featured by Asian Bloggers. Here are some of facts.
- FBO was the first creators of Bio-Cellulose Face Mask
- The fibre diameter of FBO mask = 20nm. 
  The gap between your skin grooves = it was either 50nm
  The fibre diameter of other sheet masks = 2000nm. 
  FBO masks don't leave gaps in coverage. The fibres are thinner than the space between your surface skin grooves.
- Each mask contains one full bottle of essence.
- There is so much adhesion of these masks. 
  Apparently even after 2 hours, the mask is still on the skin and not dried out.
  I actually planked for a 1 min with this on and it didn't fall off.

There are so many things about this brand that make me want to start using them right away. There's a line for everyone and they include extreme hydration, anti-aging, whitening/brightening, BB Creams and DD creams. Ingredients are current and include mandelic acid, ceramide, collagen, hyaluronic acid and patented formulas for peptides and yeast (like that found in SKII's famous Petera line).

The brand uses authorized ingredients by international pharmaceutical companies and there are a lot of quality controls when it comes to creating their products.

Their presentation was very informative and I'll definitely be looking into T&T to see what the price points are. This isn't a cheap brand though, a box of three masks retails for $63CDN. Thankfully in our goody bags, we received a few items to try so I will report back!


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