Monday 25 January 2016

Masks Made with Bacteria? For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Mask Review*

*Press Sample

For Beloved one Extreme Hydration Mask Review

Following the launch of For Beloved One, I wanted to give the masks a try right away. I cracked open the Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask* ($63CDN, 3 masks) since I knew that dehydration was something my skin suffered from. This is my impressions from one use.

For Beloved One created the Bio-Cellulose Mask in 2003. These masks are breathable but water impermeable and are developed to deeply penetrate the serums into your skin. Masks have a thickness of 1.3mm and nano-scale fibres that are thinner than the space between your surface skin grooves. These fibres are naturally created by bacteria that go through a fermentation process and are used to repair blood vessels in the heart and to create artificial skin for burn victim! Each mask contains one bottle's worth of essence/serum.

For Beloved one Extreme Hydration Mask Review

The Extreme Hydration Mask is supposed to penetrate rough skin quickly, replenishing and locking in essential moisture leaving skin dewy, soft and supple. This contains a lot of patented ingredients so see a photo of the ingredient list. The main ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B1, B2, B12, Niacin, and microalgae. One mask is suppose to moisturize your skin for the whole day and this is used by people after laser treatments, Intense Pulsed Light or Glycolic Acid Peels.

Each mask has three layers. A front piece and backing sandwich the Bio-Cellulose Mask which feels like a thick jelly. It reminds me of Chinese flat rice noodles but with a lot more structural integrity. When they say that these are loaded with serum, they are not joking. The mask was dripping as it came out of the pocket and there was excess serum inside the pouch. Remember to open this over a sink.

For Beloved one Extreme Hydration Mask Review

There was plenty of serum left after a 20 minute application so I put the mask on my neck. This mask had very strong adhesion. I planked for 1 min and did a few push ups. They mask stayed on!

For Beloved one Extreme Hydration Mask Review

 After use, my skin felt more plump and supple; definitely softer. $63CDN for three masks is very steep. At $21 dollars a mask, that would be like a small bottle of serum injected in one shot onto my face. I wonder if its more effective to continually use small amounts of serum every day or to give your skin major boosters, like this mask, every one in a while.  At the event, the representative said that using a mask every 10 days would still give you long lasting effects and visibly improved skin. 

For Beloved one Extreme Hydration Mask Review

There are so many good ingredients and thought put into this mask's creation. From the nano-fibres and the strong adhesion, this was a step above the My Beauty Diary masks which I love. I could feel that the serum really absorbed into my skin and the flaky skin around my nose was gone after use. The price, let's face it, is steep though. After using the rest of the masks, I'll see how I feel about purchasing these. 


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