Saturday 30 January 2016

OPI's Hello Kitty Collection*

OPI X Hello Kitty 2016 My Pal Joey and My Twin Mimmy

The OPI x Hello Kitty* Collection has landed in stores and I played around with some of the colors from the set. Many of the colors appealed to me but I only tried the ones I was most curious about (since I figured there would be so many other bloggers who are going to do single color nail swatches anyways.) My favorite combination of three that I did is My Pal Joey with dots of My Twin Mimmy make a great combination. The yellow, which reminds me of Hello Kitty's buttons, contrasts with the blue so well and the lightest of each shade gives it a cartoon feel.

OPI X Hello Kitty 2016 Super Cute in Pink and Charmmy & Sugar

Super Cute in Pink seemed like a great single nail color but when applied, I thought it was too girly for me. The glitter in Charmmy & Sugar combined with Super Cute in Pink is the most alt. unicorn cute mani I've ever seen. Its super girly girly but kinda fun! I feel like it needs to be worn with a pastel colored Sweet Lolita outfit. In application, Super Cute in Pink  definitely needed two coats. With only one coat, my nail tips would still show through the color. Charmmy & Sugar applied evenly and really is just the most magical glittery.

OPI X Hello Kitty 2016 Let's Be Friends! and Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel

My colleague told me that Let's Be Friends! was a really great color. This white based polish with just the slightest addition of baby pink was very streaky to apply. After three coats, the color was still quite uneven. If you have ridges in your nails, I really recommend a base coat or ridge filler before you attempt this shade. I haven't tried such a white color on my nails before and it was a different look. Had it applied better, I might have enjoyed it more. 

Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel was a great pairing. The pink based vehicle which suspends all the hot pink glitters ended up mixing in a little with Let's Be Friends! and this produced a strange strawberry syrup sundae type effect on my nails which you can't see, unfortunately.

OPI X Hello Kitty 2016

There were a lot of bright spring-esque shades in this collection and it leaned heavily into lighter pinks. I love the youthful and definitely girly nature of the shades. Though they aren't ones I would typically go for, these are really fun. I wish thought, that the caps weren't just covered with white Hello Kitty sticker and were actually made using white plastic with imprinted Hello Kitty patterns. 

The addition of the blue and yellow was a nice mix up from the pink, purples and corals. That and the inclusion of black gives a good amount of variety for nail art. If I were more adept, I might have tired my hand at a bow using 5 Apples Tall over Let's Be Friends!

OPI X Hello Kitty 2016


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