Sunday 21 December 2014

Briefly On Hair

Last tuesday I finally set my world rightside up again after a visit to Chura in Vancouver. As each day passed since my last hairdressing, my patience for my growing locks dwindled and I increasingly became disgusted with the shag of shapeless near-black head grass developing on the top of my scalp.

Half of this was my own fault, I was growing my hair, hoping to get a permed wavy-lob but as the days progressed, the process of hair growing was annoying the heck out of me and as every hard earned millimetre grew.... 

Friends: "Your hair is so long now!"
Me: "Oh god, I hate it"

Stepping into Chura, I was ready to get my perm. My mother thought it was A Bad Idea, but I held fast to it. My friends though it was A Bad Idea, but I still persisted in my fantasy of perfect Anna Hathaway/Tayler Swift short waves. But then, even the hairdress said it was A Bad Idea and you can't say no to that expert opinion so I reverted back to the style that suited me most: a gradient bob.

In lieu of the perm, I changed up the color . Barely noticable but just slightly more brown and a touch lighter than normal, its a nice change without going too crazy.

Once more, I feel like ME again. I'm slightly disappointed that I couldn't get the wavy lob and I may try to grow my hair out again to achieve it but good god, I'm so happy to remove all those inches off the ends. David, on the other hand, is sad that long flowing curly hair isn't in my near future. Sorry dear! But its my hair, not yours :P

Do you have a hair style that's just so you?

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