Tuesday 23 December 2014

Body Shop Purchases

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Although I recieved a nice package from The Body Shop, I couldn't help myself and made a couple of purchase from their holiday line. The majority of them are at my mom's but I did bring the Glazed Apple Butter*, Frosted Cranberry Bath Jelly and Glazed Apple Shower Gel to enjoy at David's

The Glazed Apple Body Butter* ($20, 200ml) has a tarte green apple scent that lasts. Used overnight, I wake up smelling like fresh cut apples. It's hydrating enough for some slightly dry hands too. After opening up a few new boxes of board games, David's and my hands were dry from touching all those cardboard pieces and ripping away plastic. He actually said, "My hands are dry." That, is a first. So I gave him two scent options for moisturizer and he picked this Apple one to use.

The Glazed Apple Shower Gel ($9, 250ml) isn't anything special as far as body wash goes but again, the scent is light and it doesn't mix in with the shower humidity to create a gross moldy smell (which has happened with some other body washes I've purchased). Nice and easy.

I bought the Frosted Cranberry Bath Jelly ($12, 200ml) purely out of curiosity. For science, I needed to understand what a bath jelly actually was. It's sort of stiff in the jar, like digging into cold jello but as it warms it becomes slightly runnier, in the vein of honey. There is a mini wooden spatula attached if purchased in store but not when purchased online (bummer).

This product wasn't the easiest to use. Dissolving it under running water (the suggested method of use) splinters the jelly and jelly fragments will sink to the bottom of your tub without dissolving. I found it best to place it on a spoon, or into a cupped palm, just underneath the water's surface where the water is running from the faucet. The force of the water is more gentle there and will result in more bubbles. It took a few spoonfuls to get a frothy bath so you want to start disolving earlier rather than later. An interesting product but a bit of a hassle to use.

Any purchases or curiosities from The Body Shop lately?

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