Monday 15 December 2014

Gifts Sephora Under $25*

*Press Sample

The truth of life is that sometimes you will be in a gift giving situation where you don't particularly want to spend a lot and you don't particularly want to think about it too much. Come Xmas time there is that awkward Xmas moment where picking up something good but inexpensive will be necessary be it for a daughter of a friend, or an office exchange. If these goods need to be beauty related, then Sephora has more than a few under $25 items options.

Sephora Golden Star Eyelash Curler ($23CDN) for the teen daughter of your friend.

Sephora Kiss Kiss Universal Pink Gloss ($8 CDN) for the office under $10 gift exchange.

Sephora Bronzed and Blushing Palette ($18 CDN) for your high school friends.

Sephora VIB Pass Eyshadow Palette ($12CDN) for that friend you catch up with once a year.

Sephora Lip Artist Palette ($20CDN) for anyone just getting into beauty.

Sephora Midnight Magic Face and Body Glitter Pot ($23CDN) for your favorite party-goer. 

Every been in that sort of situation?

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