Friday, 19 December 2014

In the Moment #20: Visiting Dermalogica in Vancouver

I was serendipitously invited to visit the Vancouver location of The International Dermal Institute, creators of Dermalogica, for a treatment last Tuesday. I'm already a huge fan of Dermalogica's aesthetic and ethic and this was a treat for sure.

Dermalogica focuses on skin health, not beauty. None of their products contain common irritants liklanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances and education is a main focus of their mission. Their formulas are created with results in mind and their Face Mapping analysis takes skin therapy to a whole new level.

Corey, a senior instructor, was there for my treatment and went through some Dermalogica products that would work for me. We focused on putting more moisture back into my skin (which has some dehydrated areas) and relieving some of the congestion on my lower chin. I love that treatments go all the way down to the neck and shoulders instead of just the face.

Dermalogica uses their professional grade products (that I wish I could get my hands on, they are so powerful) during treatments while mixing in some of the consumer level products as well to customize each treatment to their client. A file of your treatments is created, just as there would be for a doctor's visit.

At the end of the treatment, since my major concern was pigmentation, the Powerbright TRx line was suggested to me, along with some other products. I had already used the trial kit for the Powerbright but I wanted to know if prolonged use would give me better results and Corey encouraged me to give the full sizes a try.

As always, I leave an encounter with Dermalogica with increased trust in their ingredients and especially in their ethic. I'm excited to try the full sizes of the Powerbright TRx line and I got a mini Special Cleansing Gel and Daily Microfolient as well!

Have you tried Dermalogica?

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