Friday 12 December 2014

Annabelle Limited Edition Metallic Twistup Lip Crayons*

*Press sample

annabelle metallic twistup crayons swatch review

I think we've all safely noticed the resurgence of the 90's lip. The metallic lip options that are coming out might be nod and modernization to the frosted 90's look and though I still haven't gotten jiggy with it (points if you're old enough to understand that reference), I am down for some metallic. Annabelle has made it easy this season with their Twistups now in holiday-party-ready metallics.

annabelle metallic twistup crayons swatch review heavy petal rock &rose heartbreaker

Truly metallic, these Metallic Twistups* ($10, 1.5g) haven't made their way into my day's rotation just yet. The finish seems appropriate for the weekend and a solid night of holiday merrymaking. I though mattes were badass, but now I'm wondering if metallics are the next step in awesomeness.

annabelle metallic twistup crayons swatch review heavy petal

Of the three I received (there are four released), Heavy Petal (a great fuchsia) and Heartbreaker (a nice deep red) are the most wearable for my skintone while Rock & Rose (a cool pink) is too cool and light for me. These take a little bit of pressure and warmth achieve full opacity which will allow the fearful to wear them as a nice tint or sheerly. As a one or two layer tint, the color is consistent across the lip and the metallic finish is toned done. After layering for full opacity, I found it necessary to smoosh my lips together to even out the color.

annabelle metallic twistup crayons swatch review rock & rose

They sit comfortably on the lip. You can feel it on your lips though when you've built up a few layers but it is neither drying nor uncomfortable. They feel like a creamy balm and don't stain. Removal is easy and there are barely any remnants of the microglitters in this formula.

annabelle metallic twistup crayons swatch review heartbreaker

For this season, these LE colors are definitely a 'nice to have'. Fun and sort of different, you may want to consider picking up one of the shades to try. Might I suggest Heartbreaker for your next holiday gala?

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