Saturday 6 December 2014

In the Moment #19: Unilever 2015 Preview

Unilever 2015 Preview

Usually shiny new color products get me more excited than the stuff I need and use everyday. Shampoo, body lotion....toothpaste, that's just so pedestrian. But Unilever is capitalizing on the fact with their new "People are Beautiful" focus for their brands. The mundane, the everyday, the every one, is unique, interesting and beautiful.

Unilever 2015 Preview

To further stress that message, Brandon Stanton, of Humans of New York fame spoke on how he approaches the people he photographs and the unique aspect that each person brings to his blog. Aside from that, the evening focused on the new "innovations" Unilever would bring to the market in 2015.

Nothing gets more eye-rolls that me than the word "innovation". For someone's whose job environment talks about the "innovation space" on the regular, I'm desensitizes and unbelieving that the product you think will change the world, will be all that crazy awesome but I am always willing to learn and I have to say that there were more than a few things that piqued my interest at the preview. 

Unilever 2015 Preview

The Perfectly Undone Tresemme line will give you perfectly beachy or bouncy waves depending on what you want. I've been toying with the idea of getting a perm. In fact the appointment has been booked but...we'll see if i actually go through with it. These sound great for producing and maintaining my new potential hairstyle.

Unilever 2015 Preview

The repair lotions from Vaseline smell really good and have new technology to smooth and moisturize the skin even better than before. I'm going to give some of these the 'heel-test' to see how well it stands up to my super dry heels. There will also be some new hair products which focus on repairing and preventing damage of various kinds to hair.

Unilever 2015 Preview

St Ives will come out with new body washes and Dove's new moisturizing body washes has foam that lasts for hours! Literally hours. There was a foam time lapse test which I took a poor photo of (not shown) so I'd be pretty happy running a bath with some of that stuff for sure.

Aside from that, there's some men's care items that I'm hoping to force onto David and some dry touch spray on deodorants that I'm curious to try out.

unilever 2015 preview

Harbinger really went all out for the event. There was car service to and taxi chits from. The food was great with tiger shrimp, salmon tataki mini cones, mini duck breast taco rounds....and models to share, demonstrate and showcase all products. A well put together event for sure!

Do you get excited about personal care products?

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