Monday 8 December 2014

Worth Reblogging: Annabelle Stay Sharp Waterproof Crayons*

*Press Sample

Annabelle Stay Sharp Waterproof liners java go black cappucino glam red review swatch

I've already introduced the Annabelle Stay Sharp products but these are really worth another mention. For whatever reason, the Annabelle Stay Sharp liners have worked their way into my daily routine. I've been using the black and brown liner everyday and the lip liners have near converted me to being a lip liner girl. I half suspect the same laziness that keeps me from collecting my laundry from the dryer and from washing my brushes is contributing to my enthusiasm.

The complete lack of needing to sharpen has been unexpectedly awesome. Thick cat eyes, resulting from consecutive days of stubby dulled liner use are no longer my morning default. I can do a thin eye-flick liner every day if I wanted to! Every day! That's about 10 more days in a row than normal. BAM! Quality of life, IMPROVED. I might have bought all the rest of the colors but will save you yet ANOTHER POST about this product later on (unless you really want the swatches for decision making...tell me below).

Annabelle Stay Sharp Waterproof liners java go black cappucino glam red review swatch

Mostly I wear the lip liners all over without any topping. They stay on, don't dry my lips and are functionally transfer resistant. Java has been a great nude and Glam Red is a wow, but still office appropriate, blue leaning red. I know I mentioned that the eyeliners aren't the creamiest. They still aren't and sometimes the black smudges slightly (though the brown seems to hold out better) but to have super sharp liner every morning, clearly I'm willing to overlook these small issues.

Have you ever reconsidered a product?

Daily Zen: Uh I am currently regretting all the overeating these last weeks. Nothing quite like seeing event photographs to make you realize you're slowly sliding into being chubs :(

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